Past Projects

Living Hope Clinical Foundation’s global HIV work launched with a benefit fund raiser sponsored by an individual living with HIV in Long Beach, California. After several board members had traveled to Africa and witnessed the tragedy of AIDS, Living Hope Clinical Foundation began supporting HIV/AIDS work in Sub-Saharan Africa. Support to various projects in South Africa, Zambia, and the United States have impacted thousands of people living with HIV.

Chreso Ministries

In Zambia, Chreso Ministries had a vision to build a HIV clinic that would become a Center for Excellence. Glaxo-Smith-Kline invested some funds for the initial construction, but within... Read More »

Stellenbosch Gemeente

A major investment of LHCF was working with the Stellenbosch Gemeente and the Legacy Community Development Corporation to establish a community center in the township. LHCF supported the initial... Read More »

Kayamandi and Charlie Johnson

Charlie Johnson was successfully living with HIV in Long Beach, and expressed a strong desire to invest himself in the lives of others living with HIV in South... Read More »