Daughters of Zion Orphanage

Daughters of Zion Orphanage


Daughters of Zion Orphanage administered by house mothers Shani Britton and Njavwa Namwila, support younger children and infants, several of whom are living with HIV. The needs of infants with HIV are substantial requiring daily medication, adequate nutrition, and attention to growth and development. Fifty percent of infants born with HIV die before their 2nd birthday without anti-retroviral therapy (ART). Zambia has approved ART for all children diagnosed with HIV, but ensuring adherence with the medication and the care support necessary stretches the resources of the orphanage. Living Hope Clinical Foundation supports Tache and Daughters of Zion with resources for education and two special attendants to work with and focus on the children living with HIV at Daughters of Zion Orphanage.

Latest News

Daughters of Zion growing up! The Daughters of Zion Children’s Home is maturing. The home has grown to include 18 children, mostly girls and only one boy, but all are now healthy and doing well. The home has raised funds and used funds from LHCF to begin construction of their own building so they will no longer need to rent space. It needs a financial push to get them over the hump and secure the building and move before the rainy season in November.

Living Hope Clinical Foundation has been instrumental in supporting the needs of the Children’s Home including school fees for the children and building supplies. These children have a better future ahead thanks to your support.